December 2011 : - The clan is in full slow with Battlefield 3 taking the top spot for time-consuming gaming for many people, while others enjoy the simpler life of taking arrows to the knee with Skyrim.

~ Have Fun and Play As A Team ~

The Hussars are not like a standard online gaming clan, oh no.
We don't even particularly like the use of the word "clan" as it implies a sort of juvenile elitism that is all too common on the internet, instead preferring the term "regiment".

We firmly believe that the most important thing to remember in gaming is to have fun. Therefore, we do not participate in clan leagues or ladders and do not take ourselves too seriously. We understand that our members have (allegedly) private lives as well and we do not expect rigidly adhered-to attendence. We also do not recruit based upon skill, but only on a person's willingness to act as part of a team and to uphold the standards of fair play and fun at the heart of the Hussars.

Our clan tags:
Battlefield 1942
Battlefield 2
Call of Duty 2
Left 4 Dead

Company of Heroes
Call of Duty 5 (WaW)
BF Bad Company 2
Battlefield 3

IL-2 Sturmovik
Pacific Fighters
Joint Operations
Call of Duty 4
Rainbow Six Vegas
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