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6 October 2014

No news on the return of the forum yet, but we have (at Flasheart’s suggestion) set up a Facebook Group called Hussars Gaming Group as a way of communicating outside the forums.
If you are an HGG member and want to be included in the group, you need to do two things:
1. Be on Facebook. I know, I know, but that is how it is.
2. Tell me so I can add you as a friend. When I add any HGG member as a friend I will also add them to the HGG group.


HGG SITE ISSUES – Update #4 – A new start

6 October 2014

Well, it has taken some time but the site has now been migrated (more or less successfully) to Voo’s web space (many thanks Voo), because I was getting fed up with the very patchy support from our previous hosts.

If you haven’t yet signed up to the new forum then please do so.

Hopefully we will see some of our errant members return in time for the 12th birthday next week.



5 October 2014
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I have been informed by our hosts that the issue with the old server should be resolved by tomorrow, which will hopefully enable them to get it up and running again and thus restore the forums to their previous glory.

This is just as well because so far all attempts to recover the forum from my backups or their network storage devices have failed.



5 October 2014
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Well, as you may have seen (especially if you are reading this), the bulk of the site is back and working, with our host having to migrate it onto a new server.

However … for some reason the forum still appears to be borked. I am trying to work through this with them but if we cannot get it working we may have to start from scratch with the forum, or something equally nasty.
I will keep you updated here.


HGG Site Issues / Forum issues

4 October 2014
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As of yesterday (3rd October) there was an issue with the server where the HGG site is hosted, resulted in both the site and the forums being unavailable.

Today, it appears that the site is back again but there is still an issue with the forum (IPS errors on the database).
I have tried repairing the Database but this has not resolved the issue. Please bear with me while we wait for the hosts to resolve this. I will post here once everything is back.



Forum has been fixed

15 May 2013
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Our hosts have found and fixed the problem with the forum and it is now accessible again.



Another Problem

15 May 2013
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Not a problem with the wordpress site this time, but an issue with the database the forums use.

We are getting an “IPS Driver error” message on the SQL database.

I have raised it with our hosts who are investigating it.


Please be patient and check back here for updates.




17 April 2013
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There is a problem with the forum at the moment where for some reason it appears to be redirecting to another directory on the site that doesn’t contain the forum and therefore doesn’t work.

Our web hosts are looking into the issue and I will update this page once it has been resolved.

Apologies for any inconvenience.