The Hussars Gaming Group (HGG) is a community of gamers and gaming clans who get together to play games for fun, without the onerous requirements of commitment, skill (or in more extreme cases gaming PCs), that are typically required by other more intensive organisations.
We like to think of ourselves as a virtual friendly pub within the digital community, where our preferred playing style is being fair and having fun.HGG was created in 2003 by the 1st Hussars gaming clan, as an expansion of their gaming interests and a central hub for the various individuals and clans who had previously been treading the message boards of the www.battlefield1942.co.uk site.
HGG itself is not a clan in the traditional sense and does not have any formal in-game presence, but is a community hub for other affiliated clans and individuals who do and is managed by the 1st Hussars clan who form the core of the community.
To find out more about the 1st Hussars clan (or the other clans who are part of HGG), visit here:
You can visit our forums and join in with the discussion – note that you do not need to register on the forum to post in the GUEST BOOK section.

15th birthday and beyond!

Well, a few good folks have survived into the 15th year of our ever diminishing numbers and we still occasionally manage to get more than a few of us online at the same time. It will be interesting to see if any games due in the next six months will bring the fabled “next big […]

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14th birthday celebrations!

Hussars Fourteenth Birthday Bash Yes, it is that time again! This weekend (starting from Friday) we are gathering to laugh, shout and generally extract the Michael on Teamspeak in recognition of the decade and a bit since we first gathered to do the same thing. There are no firm plans to organise a specific game […]

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Our Troublesome Teens

Yes, once again we reach the anniversary of the founding of our glorious clan. As we hit the thirteen year mark we should raise a toast to all those still part of our online company and those who have added to our shenanigans in years past and are no longer with us. As always, we […]

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Happy birthday us!

Today marks the twelfth anniversary since discussions between Messrs. Flasheart (Major Headache) and Baldric (Pte Niles) decided to fly in the face of received opinion and form a clan based not on competitive gaming, but on a desire to get together and have fun. It was (despite what they felt at the time) not the […]

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