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Are you Leaping?

29 February 2012

No, not a reference to bunny hopping in games, but to the fact it is a leap year and this is the leapiest day.

So what is happening out there?
Well, not a lot to be honest.
The most popular game for the Hussars at the moment is still Battlefield 3, although some have drifted off in favour of other games, including the meme-generating epic Skyrim and the latest harder than hardcore flight sim from DCS – A-10.

Mostly we appear to be in a “slow news” period –
We are still waiting for DICE’s “huge patch” for BF3, which was originally supposed to be released by now but seems to include a vast number of welcome tweaks and changes.

We are still waiting for DICE/EA’s announcement about the next BF3 content.

We are STILL waiting for Relic/THQ to make an announcement about the next Company of Heroes game.

From a single player point of view we are waiting for Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3 and (finally after two years) the PC version of  Alan Wake.

Still, as I still haven’t managed to get Skyrim I can’t really complain.