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Time, where did it go? (An apology)

2 September 2012

Has it really been six months since the last update?


Well, I can only apologise for being a slacker in this regard. Things have been moving apace in the Hussars world so here are a few updates:

Premium has been announced anad purchased, Close Quarters has arrived and now the next DLC (Armoured Kill) is almost upon us. DICE still insist upon huge infrequent patches despite the evidence that this doesn’t work very well and the community is (justly) angry about the Premium bonus content for August that was revealed.

Yes. Not BC3 as many were expecting, but apparently DICE are also working on the next version of the franchise, to be released late next year. Too soon? Do we want another modern-day shooter from DICE? Lots of people are very wary of this and want to see solid evidence that this will be significantly better than BF3.

This is due to be released this autumn doing head-to-head with Treyarch’s next CoD game – the futuristic Black Ops 2. Do either of these appeal to you? Do both of them appeal? CoD looks more cartoony but then so does MoH to a certain extent, although the latter is supposed to be a much more tactical game than BF3.

Like Battlefield 3? Want much bigger futuristic battles? Fancy dipping your toes into the world of MMOs? (Not really). Still, Plantside 2 seems to be getting some good reviews from BF3 players and will be free to play, so might be worth trying.

FPS not your thing? Well, Company of Heroes has announced a sequel based in the Eastern Front. It looks rather splendid and boasts real unit line of sight and weather effects that actually change the way you play the game.

RACE07 and DIRT3:
A few Hussars have started getting together to play fun games of Dirt 3 (including Cat & Mouse), as well as racing using the more hardcore Race07 game for semi-regular trips around the famous racing circuits.

Ploppy is still trying to drum up sopport for the highly realistic but equally hardcore flying combat sim DCS.

With the reappearance of Billy (what a year it has been for him!), the Bloodbowl league idea has started ocne again. After a test league we are about to launch into a league proper, with conestents joined by Dr Duck and even T@rty!

In an effort to cut down the number of spam registrations on the forum I am toying with swapping to different software – in this case the free software SMF. I have a forum up at the moment and am trying to run a conversion tool to bring in the existing forum posts and settings.


That’s all for now – check out the forums for more information.




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