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The Big ONE-OH

21 September 2012

Players of the Battlefield series may have noticed that DICE is having a week-long celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Battlefield games, which of course started in 2002 with the release in September of Battlefield 1942.

Their celebration includes cut-price games from Origin, the re-release of classic Battlefield trailers and wallpapers and other such stuff from earlier games. Oh yes and lots of cake in their offices.


From our perspective of course, the 1st Hussars will also be celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, having been formed while playing Battlefield 1942. This means one or more special get-together events with games ranging from the old Battlefield games to the new Battlefield games and various other games we have enjoyed over the years.


More details will be available once we work out what the hell we are doing.



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